Chamber Roast raises thousands for Nunez

Apr 9th, 2012 | By | Category: Top Story

The St. Bernard Chamber of Commerce presents the parish’s School Board with a check of $4,000— proceeds from the 2011 roast.

Nearly two hundred guests showed up at La Bella Vita Hall in Meraux for the Chamber of Commerce’s roast of Jeff Pohlmann, owner of Today’s Ketch Seafood.

While the Chamber is still putting together the final figures for the Roast, an early count shows a few thousand dollars were raised for this year’s beneficiary, Nunez Community College. Additionally, the St. Bernard Parish School Board was presented with a $4,000 check from last year’s roast.

Among the roasters were Executive board member Joey DiFatta, Parish President Dave Peralta, Sheriff-elect Jimmy Pohlmann and Jeff Pohlmann’s daughter, Jamie Reyes. Although each roaster has a different relationship with Pohlmann, they all made similar jokes to point out his propensity for being cheap. 

DiFatta kicked things off by recounting an experience in which he ordered a shrimp salad from Pohlmann at Today’s Ketch. “Someone asked me how it was after I came back from lunch. I told them the salad was good, and the one shrimp I got was delicious!”

Pohlmann’s daughter Jamie Reyes, a recent mother of twins, shared a few stories with the crowd about her experiences with her dad’s penny pinching. “I called my mom to ask where dad was. She said he was at Home Depot buying palm trees because they were on sale. He’s building a house and doesn’t even have windows yet, but he’s got cheap palm trees in the front yard!” She also joked about her dad’s advice on the new twins. “When one had a dirty diaper, he suggested we take her out back and hose her down.”

Dave Peralta added fuel to the fire and quipped, “He’s a real carefree guy. He doesn’t care, as long as it’s free.” 

Sheriff-elect Jimmy Pohlmann, Jeff’s cousin, recounted tales growing up and mentioned that Jeff would do anything for a buck. He then pulled out Jeff’s “Case File”, which included a tale of a young Jeff Pohlmann streaking across the neighborhood for $10–or so he thought. Jimmy and his brothers told Jeff’s parents before he got back from his run, and he was met with angry parents instead of a $10 payment when he returned.

He also joked about the confusion among people in the community about the relationship between the two. “Everywhere I go I hear, ‘How’s your brother? How’s your brother? He’s my cousin!” Pohlmann mused.

When it was Jeff’s turn to take the mic, he was eager to return some jabs that were thrown his way, pointing out each of the roastee’s “tightfistedness”. He also presented gifts for his roasters: For Jimmy Pohlmann, a set of handcuffs and a toy gun “since your budget is tight”, and a comb and mirror for Peralta, whom Pohlmann joked was the only person in the parish who can drive full-speed down St. Bernard Hwy. without messing up his hair.  

Each roaster ended their session by commending Pohlmann for his integrity and sincere love of St. Bernard Parish. 

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